International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (ICAMM 2023)
October 18-20, 2023 at IIT Indore

Second Announcement


Indian Institute of Technology Indore

New Announcements:  


Prof. Sergey Kuznetsov

Designation : Professor
Institute : Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Title : The Turkey – Syria earthquake of 06.02.2023: Estimates, models, and seismic protection

Prof. C. W. Lim

Designation : Professor
Institute : City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Title : Voltage Controlled Topologically Protected Wave Propagation in Dielectric Membrane-type Acoustic Metamaterials

Prof. Manuel Torrilhon

Designation : Professor
Institute : RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Title : Extended Fluid Dynamics: Mathematical Modelling and Simulation for Rarefied Gases

Prof. James Sprittles

Designation : Professor
Institute : University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Title : Droplet dynamics in the presence of gas nanofilms: merging, wetting, bouncing & levitation

Prof. Veerappa Gowda

Designation : Professor
Institute : TIFR Bangalore, India
Title : Well balanced second order Godunov type numerical methods for a coupled system models the growth of a sand pile

Prof. Rama Bhargava

Designation : Professor & Vice-Chancellor
Institute : IIT Roorkee & Haridwar University, India
Title : A Meshfree Methods and its Application to Numerical Simulation of Cryosurgery Problems

Prof. Amit Agrawal

Designation : Professor
Institute : IIT Bombay, India
Title : Quest for Equations beyond the Navier-Stokes

Prof. Seema Sarkar (Mondal)

Designation : Professor
Institute : NIT Durgapur, India
Title : Ground Deformation due to Interacting Fault Movement in Standard Linear Solid with Different Mathematical Approaches

Prof. Premananda Bera

Designation : Professor
Institute : IIT Roorkee, India
Title : Stability of non-isothermal-Poiseuille flow in a fluid overlying an anisotropic and inhomogeneous porous domain

Prof. Sushil Kumar Tomar

Designation : Professor & Vice-Chancellor
Institute : Panjab University & J. C. Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA, Faridabad, India
Title : Rayleigh-type waves in microstretch elastic solid half-space containing voids

Dr. Prashant Saxena

Designation : Assistant Professor
Institute : University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Title : A fully coupled nonlinear magnetoelastic thin shell formulation

Dr. Ajay Bangalore Harish

Designation : Assistant Professor
Institute : University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Title : Using physics and data-driven models for cardiovascular engineering

Dr. Harish Kumar

Designation : Associate Professor
Institute : IIT Delhi, India
Title : Entropy Stable Numerical Schemes for Chew, Goldberger & Low(CGL) rarified plasma flow equations

Dr. Triveni Prasad Shukla

Designation : Assistant Professor
Institute : NIT Warangal, India
Title : Dynamics of Nonlinear Waves in van der Waals Fluids Exhibiting Mixed Nonlinearity

Prof. S. Sundar

Designation : Professor & Director
Institute : IIT Madras & NIT Mizoram, India
Title : To be updated

Prof. Vasant Matsagar

Designation : Professor
Institute : IIT Delhi, India
Title : Oblate Spheroids for Vibration Response Control

Prof. Karunesh Kumar Shukla

Designation : Director
Institute : MANIT Bhopal, India
Title : Nonlinear Analysis of Curved Panels on Skew Plan-form

Prof. Julius Kaplunov

Designation : Professor & Fellow of European Academy of Sciences
Institute : Keele University, United Kingdom
Title : Generalisations of Saint-Venant’s principle

Prof. Sudhirkumar Barai

Designation : Director
Institute : BITS Pilani, India
Title : Ferrochrome Slag Aggregate Concrete: A Life Cycle Assessment Study

Dr. Shib Sankar Ganguli

Designation : Scientist
Institute : CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI), India
Title : The why and how of seismic and geomechanical approaches for effective reservoir characterization

Dr. Anirudh Singh Rana

Designation : Assistant Professor
Institute : BITS Pilani, India
Title : Two-Temperature Model and beyond: Exploring Thermodynamic Approaches to Polyatomic Gases

Prof. Gopal Ch. Shit

Designation : Professor
Institute : Jadavpur University, India
Title : Enhancing targeted drug delivery with magnetic nanoparticles and MPI-guided hyperthermia

Prof. Santwana Mukhopadhyay

Designation : Professor
Institute : IIT BHU, India
Title : On Moore-Gibson-Thompson Thermoelasticity Theory

Prof. Md. Golam Hafez

Designation : Professor
Institute : Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh
Title : Shock wave excitations around critical and super critical values of any specific plasma parameter in dusty plasmas

Dr. Victor Michel-Dansac

Designation : Assistant Professor
Institute : Université de Strasbourg, France
Title : CFL-less parallel Discontinuous Galerkin solver

Dr. Bharath Shekar

Designation : Associate Professor
Institute : IIT Bombay, India
Title : Microseismic and ambient noise source inversion

Prof. Supriyo Mitra

Designation : Professor
Institute : IISER Kolkata, India
Title : Earthquake hazard in the Himalaya: Lessons learnt from recent earthquakes

Prof. Malla Reddy Perati

Designation : Professor
Institute : Kakatiya University, India
Title : A Review on Wave Propagation Problems in Poroelasticity in the Perspective of Geometries and Special Functions